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Tailor-built halls for pigs

Tailor-built halls for pigs

Own <br> control system

control system

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AGE halls for pig breeding are realized including delivery of technologies
and control system AGE-VENT PIGS.

Control unit
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Tailor-built halls for pigs

We will build you highly functional and modern pig stables that meet the most stringent standards and your exacting requirements.

The AGE halls for pig breeding are the own product of AGE s.r.o. Each hall is designed with regard to the specific location, altitude, snow load, and technology to meet the requirements of the statics, in variants with or without cladding, and with or without thermal insulation.

The construction of the pig house is hot-dip galvanised steel using PIR panels which, unlike more traditional PUR panels, have a higher fire resistance. Another advantage is their very good thermal insulation, which helps to maintain an optimal microclimate inside the hall. The PVC surface treatment makes the panels more resistant to higher concentrations of ammonia. The floor is made of polished concrete with mineral infill, which significantly reduces its abrasion when the hall is removed.

AGE halls are beneficial not only in terms of the high level of welfare they provide for the animals but also in terms of energy consumption and better biosecurity compliance due to the wider cleaning and disinfection options. They are characterized by a fast financial return due to cost savings.

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Hall parameters


  • Width of the hall - according to customer requirements
  • Hall length - standard module multiple of 4.5 m. Can be adjusted according to customer requirements


  • Roof covering - trapezoidal roof sheet or roof panel
  • Soffit - standard 100 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0,22 W/m2K). Can be adapted according to customer's requirement


  • Walls - standard 80 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0.27 W/m2K). Can be adapted to customer's requirements
  • Doors, gates - swing or sectional doors with dimensions according to the customer's requirements


Stable technologies for pigs

AGE s. r. o. offers its own equipment of stables for all categories of pigs. Our stable systems represent a unique solution, thanks to which they have found their way not only to the domestic but also to foreign markets. 

Farrowing houses

We deliver fully equipped farrowing pens with fully or partially slatted floors for farrowing houses. The pens can be equipped with dens for piglets, with drinkers, stainless steel or plastic feeding bowls for sows, or feeders for piglets. The crate of farrowing pens is a combination of plastic and high-quality stainless steel.

Sow housing

We offer individual and group boxes for barren and pregnant sows. They are made of high-quality steel and then hot-dip galvanized so as to achieve their long service life. The boxes may be equipped with drinkers, feeding troughs, or feeding bowls.

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Piglet rearing houses

We offer a modular barrier BN1 for housing piglets in rearing houses; its construction is made as a combination of plastic, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel, which is ideal for pig breeding. 


We offer a modular barrier BN2 for housing the pigs for fattening; its construction is made as a combination of plastic, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel, which is ideal for pig breeding.

Stud Boards

We offer a BK11 box made of hot-dip galvanized steel for housing the stud boars. 
Individual boxes can then be equipped with drinkers and feeders according to the customer's requirements. For pig feeding, we use automatic feeders and dispensers by Roxell and stainless steel feeders and troughs by AGE. 

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AGE offers individual ventilation solutions for pig farming according to customer requirements

  • Classical ventilation
  • Under-grating ventilation - ensures a stable and homogeneous microclimate in the stall

Subgrid ventilation:

Supply air is routed through the space under the floor through a ventilation duct (separate from the slurry duct). The ventilation duct is filled with fresh air and is either fed directly under the trough of the animal (individual housing, farrowing room), or the centre aisle is filled with fresh air and the fresh air then "overflows" into the pen with the animals (piglet rearing, group housing of sows, fattening of pigs). The air can be preheated in the ventilation duct by means of the delta tubes supplied by Slaats. It is also possible to install coolers in the supply ventilation duct. This system is characterized by a uniform supply of fresh air to the animal zone, thus improving the living conditions and health of the animals, avoiding draughts.

AGE -VENT PIGS control unit

A well-functioning ventilation system is one of the primary factors that significantly influence breeding results. AGE s.r.o. offers its own range of ventilation control units which, combined with other high-quality ventilation system components, form a well-functioning whole. The latest AGE-VENT PIGS model complements the existing range of popular AGE-VENT and AGE FEED units. The unit controls and corrects ventilation, feeding, power, and lighting, controlling up to 12 wards in the house and up to 99 independent feeding points.

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Air cleaning in pig halls

In order to maintain a stable air in the halls for pigs, we offer INNO+, biological air scrubber, which ensures air purification with the help of bacteria, without the addition of acids. The air scrubber INNO+ reduces ammonia levels and odours by up to 85% and removes 80% of solid particles.

  • air scrubber for intensive livestock farming (poultry and pigs)
  • solution customised for specific farm
  • reduction of emissions of ammonia, odour and fine particles into the air
  • easy to maintain, reliable and universal
  • the air taken from the stable must be centralized in the exhaust ventilation duct
  • the air is cleaned by means of a water curtain that captures dust and biological material
  • bacteria in the washing water convert ammonia into salts, which reduces the odour
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