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Customized prefabricated<br> farm halls AGE

Customized prefabricated
farm halls AGE

Universal <br> use


Implementation <br> turnkey


Own product<br> AGE s.r.o.

Own product
AGE s.r.o.

AGE modular prefabricated halls with universal use are the own product of AGE s.r.o.

Customized halls for pig breeding
Prefabricated halls AGE


We will design and build you a modular agricultural hall exactly to measure so that it best fulfils its purpose, whether you want to use it as a hall for housing poultry, pigs or as a hayloft. We design agricultural halls from A to Z.


AGE modular prefabricated halls are a proprietary product of AGE s.r.o. They are primarily used on farms for breeding livestock. They are particularly suitable for poultry breeding, for example, broiler fattening, aviary breeding of laying hens, or turkey breeding, but also for pig breeding. They can also be used as storage sheds for various purposes (grain, hay, straw, egg, packaging, etc.), with or without cladding, and with or without thermal insulation.

  • turnkey implementation of multifunctional halls
  • reconstruction of existing halls
  • design processing
  • supply of technologies
  • in-house development
  • reliable service
  • the highest quality technology on the market
  • extensive experience in the industry
  • operator training
  • commissioning

Customized poultry halls

You don't have to worry about anything, you don't have to think about anything. You can leave everything to us. You will be in charge of your business. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, so we know exactly what you need for poultry farming. Put your trust in the experts and let us build you a state-of-the-art, customized poultry house, including technology that will serve you for decades.

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Customized halls for pig breeding

Livestock farming may seem like a very easy way of doing business. But don't be fooled. First of all, you will need a modern pig house. And if you're just starting out in this business, there are a lot of things you might miss. Not with us, of course. We'll build you a highly functional and modern pig house that meets the highest standards and your exacting requirements.

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Customized steel halls

The prefabricated steel hall is the ideal solution for production and storage.

  • Its construction is fast and efficient thanks to prefabricated components that are easy to join together.
  • It provides ample space for production lines and storage areas.
  • The steel structure is strong and durable, ensuring the safety and longevity of the hall.
  • The assembly is flexible and can be adapted to individual needs.
  • Thanks to its modular design, the halls can be expanded or rebuilt according to current requirements.
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Customized storage halls

Our prefabricated halls are used as warehouse halls with various other uses.

They are ideal as grain, hay and straw stores, egg and packaging stores or as workshops, hangars and various shelters. The versatile halls can also be used as agricultural halls, hay sheds, garages, storage halls, reception halls and in variants with or without cladding, with or without thermal insulation.

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Grain intake halls

AGE modular prefabricated halls are the own product of AGE s.r.o. They are used on farms both for livestock breeding and as part of post-harvest lines. Here they serve as grain receiving halls.

The reception hall has a steel construction with cladding and roofing made of trapezoidal sheets. The hall includes a door with a passage height of up to 12 m, which can be equipped with an anti-penning roller tarpaulin. It is also possible to install Hörmann sequential slatted doors.

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