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About us

About us

over 30 years of <br>experience

over 30 years of

Agricultural buildings<br> turnkey

Agricultural buildings

Complete supply of halls<br> including technology

Complete supply of halls
including technology

The company AGE s.r.o. focuses on complete supplies of halls and technologies for poultry and pig housing

Company mission Present
About us

About us

The company AGE s.r.o. focuses on complete supplies of poultry and pig housing. The company was founded in 1992 in Cesky Mezirici and has many functional buildings to its credit. Since the very beginning AGE s.r.o. profiles itself as a supplier of technologies for poultry and pig breeding. As one of the few Czech companies on our market, it is not only engaged in the development and production of computers for farm management but also in metal production, which also includes the production of steel structures and halls. "I think the company is successful because of our approach to customers. We have experienced managers, we offer the best on the market at a reasonable price and with a service that is on call 24 hours a day.

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Company mission

The main focus is currently the production and supply of technology and halls for poultry and pigs. Compared to our competitors, we have the advantage of our own production plant. We buy some high-technology from abroad, especially feeding and watering systems, fans, heaters, etc., but many things are manufactured by ourselves. One of the mainstays of our product range is the production of steel structures and stall technology for pigs. We supply houses and technological equipment for broiler fattening, rearing of light or heavy chickens, laying of fertilized eggs, table eggs, rearing and fattening of turkeys and marginally also pheasants and quails. We prepare a quotation for the customer, including a proposal for a solution, which we then implement after agreement. As far as pig breeding is concerned, they offer technologies not only for fattening pigs and rearing piglets, but also for closed herd turnovers - i.e. sheds with boxes for sows in heat and gestation, farrowing pens, pens for rearing gilts.

History of the company

WE are able to build the entire farm from scratch. In agreement with the investor, we will provide documentation for the building permit, construction implementation documentation, and documentation for the approval procedure. We offer technology for the storage of feed mixtures in silos, conveying systems, feeding systems, feeding systems, ventilation systems, heating systems, recuperation systems as well as photovoltaic or weighing systems. Our main task is to present the farmer with the most up-to-date solutions and at the same time to provide him with the best technology available, with the understanding that we are fully responsible for the design, thereby, among other things, committing ourselves to comply with all applicable regulations and providing the farmer with the basis for good farming economics.

We are the only Czech company that produces a computer that enables complete farm management.

Historical milestones

  • Beginning in 1992 as a Dutch-Czech company under the name Agroefekt s.r.o.
  • 51% of the shares were held by the Dutch owner and the remaining 49% by Ing. Ladislav Martinek.
  • In 1995 the company was renamed AGE s.r.o. and moved to a newly built production plant.
  • In the following years, the company changed ownership twice.
  • In 2012 Ing. Martinek bought his share from the Dutch co-owner and since then the company has been exclusively in Czech hands.
  • In 2018 AGE s.r.o. became the property of PAWLICA EXPORT a.s. with its main shareholders Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA, and Adam Černý, and it was decided that AGE s.r.o. will continue to operate under the same name in its original fields, i.e. agriculture and technology for poultry and pig breeding.

Our trademarks

The technologies we supply to our farms come from proven international partners who offer specialized products of the highest quality. For many years we have represented:

  • ROXELL Belgian manufacturer of automated feeding, watering, nesting, heating, and ventilation systems for farms.
  • TECNO Italian manufacturer of aviary systems, a member of the AGCO group, the largest agro group in the world.
  • MULTIHEAT Dutch manufacturer of indirect heating and heat recovery systems for poultry farms
  • INNO+ BV is a leading global partner in climate technology and air purification for intensive livestock farming

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