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Vospol, spol. s r.o., Čánka, 2023

Vospol, spol. s r.o., Čánka, 2023


Delivered technologies

The house is AGE's own product with dimensions 120m x 19m and a capacity of 43,200 broilers
Our company has also completely equipped the fattening house with the latest technology. Two Roxell silos with a capacity of 40m3 with strain gauge weighing.

For the transport of feed mixtures, we installed a Roxell spiral conveyor, which is characterized by high quality, trouble-free, long service life, and above all gentle transport of different types of feed. Four feeding lines including a MINIMAX feeding bowl. We have also equipped the hall with five Roxell feed lines with the Swii'Flo nipple feeding system, which provides all animals with fresh clean water at all times. The hall has a combination of pulse and tunnel ventilation, which is controlled by an AGE-VENT 300+ control unit. The unit controls and corrects ventilation, feeding, watering, weighing of animals, and lighting and has remote access including a monitoring camera system. The ventilation control is set in advance for the entire tour. This means that the operator does not have to actually interfere with the ventilation control, eliminating human error. Heating is provided by four ERMAF RGA natural gas heaters with exhaust fumes extracted outside the stable. Weighing of the silos and broilers is provided by a strain gauge weight sensor assembly. For the weighing of broilers, there are stepping boards on which the animals hop. The hanging scale is connected via a digital converter to the AGE-VENT 300+ control unit, which displays/saves the measured values.

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