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Prefabricated halls <br> Steel halls AGE

Prefabricated halls
Steel halls AGE

Custom<br> product


Long <br>lifetime


Construction is fast<br> and efficient

Construction is fast
and efficient

The prefabricated steel hall is the ideal solution for production and storage.

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Customized steel halls

AGE modular prefabricated halls are the own product of AGE s.r.o.

The prefabricated steel hall is the ideal solution for production and storage.

We design bespoke halls from A to Z, always taking into account the location of the hall itself and of course your specific requirements. The warehouse hall is equipped with a steel structure on the outside to ensure flawless airflow. The easily washable inner shell makes maintenance very easy and quick. Thanks to us, you will get a modern agricultural hall tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Each hall is designed for a specific location, altitude, and snow load to meet the requirements of the statistics.

The halls are used both as production halls and on farms as livestock halls.
They can also serve as storage halls with other various uses.

They are ideal as grain, hay, and straw stores, egg and packaging stores, or as workshops, hangars, and various shelters. The versatile halls can also be used as agricultural halls, hay sheds, garages, storage halls, reception halls, and in versions with or without cladding, and with or without thermal insulation.

  • Construction is fast and efficient thanks to prefabricated components that are easy to join together.
  • It provides ample space for production lines and storage areas.
  • The steel structure is strong and durable, ensuring the safety and longevity of the hall.
  • Installation is flexible and can be adapted to individual needs.
  • Thanks to its modular design, the halls can be expanded or rebuilt according to current requirements.


  • The sheds can be used, for example, as grain, hay, straw stores, egg stores, packaging, workshops, shelters, etc., in variants with or without cladding according to the customer's requirements
  • Cattle sheds
  • Stables for pigs
  • Poultry sheds
  • Stables for sheep and goats
  • Stables for horse breeding, riding stables
  • Halls for agricultural machinery
  • Warehouses for grain and bulk materials
  • Storage facilities for potatoes, agricultural products, and fodder
  • Custom manufacturing of steel structures according to customer requirements
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The construction of the prefabricated warehouse is hot-dip galvanized steel using PIR panels, which, unlike more traditional PUR panels, have a higher fire resistance. Another advantage is their very good thermal insulation, which helps to maintain an optimal microclimate inside the hall. The floor is made of polished concrete with mineral infill, which significantly reduces its abrasion when the hall is removed.


  • Width of the hall - according to customer requirements
  • Hall length - standard multiple of 4.5 m module.


  • Roof covering - trapezoidal roof sheet or roof panel
  • Soffit - standard 100 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient
  • Uc=0,22 W/m2K). Can be adapted according to customer's requirement


  • Walls - standard 80 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0.27 W/m2K). Can be adapted to customer's requirements
  • Doors, gates - swing or sectional doors with dimensions according to the customer's requirements

Whether you require a shed for cattle, horse, poultry, or other animal breeding, a growing house, storage facilities for grain, potatoes or other agricultural products, prefabricated sheds are the ideal solution for you from a functional and economic point of view.

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