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Tailor-built halls<br> for poultry

Tailor-built halls
for poultry

Steel<br> construction


Realization<br> turnkey


Complete <br>delivery of technologies

delivery of technologies

We realize poultry houses from the initial design
to the final construction and delivery of technology.

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Tailor-built halls for poultry


You don't have to worry about anything, you don't have to think about anything. You can leave everything to us. You will be in charge of your business. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, so we know exactly what you need for poultry farming. Put your trust in the experts and let us build you a modern, customized poultry house that will serve you for decades.

AGE's modular prefabricated halls are a proprietary product of AGE s.r.o. Each shed is designed with a specific location, altitude, snow load, and technology in mind to meet structural requirements, with or without cladding, and with or without thermal insulation.

The poultry house structure is hot-dip galvanized steel using PIR panels, which have higher fire resistance, unlike more traditional PUR panels. Another advantage is their very good thermal insulation, which helps to maintain an optimal microclimate inside the hall. The floor is made of polished concrete with mineral infill, which significantly reduces its abrasion when the hall is removed.

AGE halls are beneficial not only in terms of the high level of welfare they provide for the animals but also in terms of energy consumption and better biosecurity compliance thanks to the wider cleaning and disinfection options. They are characterized by a fast financial return due to cost savings.

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  • Width of the hall - according to customer requirements
  • Hall length - standard module multiple of 4.5 m. Can be adjusted according to customer requirements


  • Roof covering - trapezoidal roof sheet or roof panel
  • Soffit - standard 100 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0,22 W/m2K). Can be adapted according to customer's requirement


  • Walls - standard 80 mm PIR sandwich panel (heat transfer coefficient Uc=0.27 W/m2K). Can be adapted to customer's requirements
  • Doors, gates - swing or sectional doors with dimensions according to the customer's requirements

Poultry housing technology

Farm halls by AGE are primarily used as stables for poultry farming. Most often, the customer requires the construction of a hall for the fattening of broilers or for laying hens. However, we can also build and equip halls, for example, for breeding turkeys or ducks. 

Halls for broiler fattening

We deliver quality and proven Roxell feeding and watering equipment and other no less high-quality technologies from foreign suppliers for stable heating, cooling, and ventilation for broiler fattening halls.

Halls for breeding of chickens and laying hens

We equip halls for chickens and laying hens with high-quality stable equipment of Vencomatic brand. It is an aviary/terrace breeding system which, unlike the cage one, offers many advantages and provides the poultry with a quality environment. All this is positively reflected in animal efficiency and breeding economics. 


Ventilation in poultry houses

Ventilation control is a crucial factor in poultry farming, affecting the outcome and economics of the farm. That is why AGE s.r.o. has developed its own range of ventilation control units which, in combination with other high quality ventilation system elements such as ventilation dampers, chimneys and large diameter fans, form a perfectly functioning unit.

Ventilation in poultry houses

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