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Kralovická Zemědělská a.s., Hradecko, 2022

Kralovická Zemědělská a.s., Hradecko, 2022


Kralovická Zemědělská a.s., Hradecko,  2022

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Construction of 1 new AGE hall for turkey fattening

In the summer of last year, we started the construction of a new hall for turkey and turkey rearing for the investor Kralovická zemědělská a.s. on the Hradecko farm. The hall is 68.42 m long, 7.04 m high to the gable, and 23.6 m wide, with a total capacity of 4,800 poultry. The investor's business is focused on agricultural primary production, where both animal and plant production are equally represented. The company is also involved in concrete production, wood cutting, and electricity generation by a biogas plant. Recently, a poultry slaughterhouse has also been opened.

We completed the construction in just two months on 29 September 2022.

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