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Parking space with FTV power plant for RenoFarmy, a.s. in Klimkovice

We're in the process of implementing it! Garage shed with installation of photovoltaic system for self-consumption!

Project "FVE AGE s.r.o."

One of the developing activities in our company is the implementation of photovoltaic power plants for own consumption on agricultural buildings. In this case, our client is RenoFarma Slezan, a.s. The company is our long-term partner, for whom we have already implemented an agricultural hall in this location.

The company has focused on building a photovoltaic power plant with battery storage on the roofs of the buildings in the Klimkovice area. One of the buildings is a parking lot with a shelter with dimensions of 15m x 7.7m, built by us—steel structures of our production AGE s.r.o.

The PV plant is co-financed by the European Union, its production will cover approximately 3/4 of the total electricity consumption of the complex. The implementation of the PV plant will ensure savings in the final consumption of electricity in the performance of business activities, and reduce the cost of purchasing electricity and the project will also contribute to the reduction of emissions of major pollutants into the air.

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