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Cooperation on the 2023 Postharvest Line

The companies AGE s.r.o., PAWLICA s.r.o., AGROCHEMA, cooperative and V-STAV A, spol. s r.o. Together they celebrated the new harvesting line of 2023! Congratulations!

Opening of the new PAWLICA post-harvest line in the village of Valeč with our participation

In October this year, more than 150 people, our partners, clients or friends from the industry and their loved ones, accepted the invitation to the inauguration of the newly elected Harvest Line of the Year. Given the time of year, we also dedicated this occasion to the celebration of the Harvest Festival and highlighted the whole day with a small evening celebration of the 25th anniversary of our company PAWLICA, attended by long-standing suppliers of the best technologies our industry has to offer.

Cooperation with PAWLICA s.r.o.

We are happy about the merger with PAWLICA. s.r. o., which took place five years ago, because we use our own production facilities and we build steel structures and reception halls for them. In Valcea, for example, AGE has completed all the steel structures, the tower, the reception hall, and the steel footbridges, which is an added value for further cooperation on projects in the future.

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