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ECO Unit

ECO unit heat exchanger

Healthy climate, save up to 75% gas!


The ECO unit heat exchanger from Agro Supply (Vencomatic Group) creates a healthy climate with minimal ventilation. The unit recovers up to 80% of the heat. The performance of your animals can be improved with healthier airflow and you can save up to 75% on your gas bill! The warm exhaust air from inside is passed through fresh cold air from outside by passing up to 1,325 m2 of contact surfaces inside the ECO Unit. Compared to other heat exchangers, the exchange takes place over a more extended period of time and over more m2 of the contact surface.

The health and performance of the poultry depend primarily on the air quality in the house. A healthy climate is created by controlling the airflow inside the house and supplying fresh air at the right temperature to the animal level. The ECO Unit optimally controls the climate in poultry houses in all weather conditions with minimum energy consumption. With the ECO Unit, you create a perfect and constant environment, ensure optimal air and bedding quality, and low ammonia and CO2 emissions.

Use in all weather conditions

In cold weather, the ECO Unit is a heat exchanger that uses warm air from the hall to heat fresh air from outside. In warm weather, the unit can be sprayed with water, which causes evaporative (evaporative) cooling of the air. This causes significant cooling of the air (up to 12°C) without increasing the absolute humidity. The ECO Unit also reduces ammonia and fine dust emissions.


To facilitate manual cleaning of the unit, the side panels can be removed to allow easy access to the heart of the unit. An automatic cleaning system is also an option, which can be used when the unit is in operation and does not interrupt the ventilation process. The ECO Unit retains maximum thermal efficiency without blocking airflow and heat transfer by dirt.


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  • Heat exchanger thermal efficiency up to 80%
  • Savings on heating costs
  • Optimal bedding quality
  • Reduction of ammonia emissions
  • Healthy animal


Get your investment back in < 5 years


  • Save up to €12,000 per year on total energy costs
  • Better bedding and feed conversion
  • 35% lower ammonia concentration
  • Circulates up to 30,000 m3 of air per hour
  • Higher performance ratios compared to smaller heat exchangers
  • Possibility of additional cooling and automatic cleaning without interrupting the ventilation process