Farms for poultry Broiler fattening Ventilation AGEVENT-100/200


Awarded Grand Prix Techagro 2012


Zcela nová filozofie řízení mikroklimatu

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Completely new approach


AGEVENT-100 is introducing a new philosophy of climate controlling. AGEVENT-100 prevents users from entering and changing of microclimate process parameters. Users just change attributes of microclimate, which are temperature, air – CO2 and litter –RH. Unit itself solves optimum way how to reach required microclimate attributes in particular and in many cases unique stable conditions.


Do not overheat!

Unit adapts to the climate change

Adaptive humidity control!

Unit selects cost effective way of humidity decrease.
CO2 level under the control!

Climate is dynamically controlled based on the CO2 level.


Climate attribute changes by its „improvement“(plus) or „worsening“(minus).

These are temperature, air-CO2 and litter-RH.

Farmer based on hall microclimate evaluation changes key microclimate attributes.

Unit brings unique approach to microclimate control.