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Dens for piglets


Piglet dens help to create an optimum microclimate in the pen from birth to weaning. We offer two types of plastic dens. DP10, straight pen in which piglets can be closed. DP11, folding den in left or right design, which can be folded up and easily cleaned. This den cannot be closed. According to the customer's request, the den can be equipped with infrared lamps or heated mats.




Heated mats for piglets

In order to improve the thermal comfort of piglets, it is possible to equip farrowing houses or stables for piglets with heated mats. We offer electric and hot-water mats, in various sizes and designs according to customer needs.



                        • Surface temperature between 25–40°C.

                        • Low power consumption significantly saves electricity costs, e. g. when compared with an infrared lamp.

                        • High rating: IP 67

                        • Long service life

                        • Easy maintenance = cleaning the outer surface with water.





                        • Thanks to the branched water conduction through the entire floor, a continuous and even heat supply is ensured

                        • The control via DoJet system ensures reliable water circulation

                        • Various sizes

                        • Easy maintenance