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Wheeled carousel manipulator

Easy handling of shelf trolleys for spacers

The trolley carousel manipulator is designed to handle shelf trolleys for inserting liners that are loaded and unloaded from both sides. The smooth rotation of the carousel ensures good conditions for the embryos. The carousel is always used in combination with
with a loader, unloader or combined loader/unloader. When one side of the cart is loaded/unloaded, the carousel rotates the cart 180° and continues the process. When the process is complete, the trolley is released. The trolley can be manually removed from the carousel or can
can be extended for automatic reloading by means of a travel mechanism. The capacity depends on the loader, unloader or unloader used.
or a combined unloader/loader, but in general the capacity of the plant is up to 92 000 eggs/hr.


  • Use in combination with loader and unloader
  • Capacity up to 92 000 eggs per hour
  • High quality design