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System to remove cracked rotten eggs


Effective removal of cracked eggs

The system for removing cracked rotten eggs effectively removes rotten eggs and eggs with large dead embryos immediately after screening. As a result, spoiled eggs containing gas do not need to be transported further and pass through the hatchery. The system for removing cracked spoiled eggs is designed for several different purposes: to ensure optimum air cleanliness in the screening and transfer area, to ensure maximum biosecurity in hatcheries or HatchCare units, to catch relatively old pieces on the separator and to reduce the labour involved in sorting chicks. The system remains clean from the outside during production and can be continuously cleaned by high-pressure cleaning.A slight vacuum is maintained at all times in the cabinet surrounding the plant, ensuring a gas-free environment.


  • Capacity up to 90,000 eggs/hour depending on the type of liner
  • Efficient design minimises energy consumption
  • The vacuum pump is installed outside the screening and transport area, which reduces the noise level to a minimum