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Fidos electronic feeding station


Fidos is an electronic feeding station for individual feeding of sows. It is the leading feeding system for sows in group housing. Pigs can wander around in the house, with areas for relaxing, eating, and exercising. They are free to eat whenever they want, and receive feed automatically when they enter the feeding station. The feeding station first reads the chip in the eartag to identify the pig. Then the sow is given the feed that is intended for it.


Automated feeding system for precise feeding of sows in group housing


The electronic feeding station is linked to software, which also has a web interface. Using the Fidos software, you can manage the data centrally from a PC. View history, analyze reports, and scan eartags with a hand terminal to adjust feed curves in the house itself. You can even manage each individual sow if desired. Fidos also comes with a heat detection antenna. If a sow stays in the pen for too long, then Fidos records it.


Elektronická stanice ke krmení prasnic Roxell Fidos


  • Precise, individually adjusted feeding
  • Respect for the animals’ health and well-being
  • Unique circular concept for fitter sows
  • The Fidos software automatically records feeding data for each sow
  • It is easy to spot unusual feeding behavior in good time