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VDL chainfeeding system


VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of automatic poultry feeding systems for the modern poultry industry. Chain feeding or panfeedingsystems, VDL Agrotech offers the best solution for each case with a guarantee for optimal production results. All feeding systems are made of high quality, durable material, and maintenance friendly design. Designed for optimal feed distribution and minimal feed wastage.


Chainfeeding systems


The VDL chainfeeding systems, with the famous VDL feedtransport chain are made of high quality, durable material, the modular system makes the system suitable for any type of poultry house. 50 years of experience make the VDL Agrotech chainfeeding system the most reliable, userfriendly and maintenance free chainfeeding systems in the market.

A feedtransport chain constantly mixes the feed ingredients, stimulates feed intake and prevents selective eating. The chainfeeding systems are available both supported and suspended, the robust winching systems make the suspended chainfeeder and attractive option.

Feeding system for breeders rearing


  • High transport capacity for fast and optimal feed ditribution
  • Accurate feedlevel adjustment, with the 7 position feedlevel slide in each feedhopper
  • Stepless chain speed adjustable with frequency converter
  • Feedtrough offers optimal and clear access to feed, creating calmness for the birds whilst eating
  • Available as supported and suspended system
  • Large variety of hoppers, feeding machines, and independent drive units for optimal system configuration
  • Feedtrough models Normal or Medium
  • Optional components such as chickenflippers, cleaner trough and slide, feedcleaner and hopper extension






  • Feeding system for heavy laying hens
  • It is delivered as a supported or suspended system
  • Wide offer of hoppers, feeding machines and independent drive units for optimal system configuration
  • Normal or Medium models of troughs
  • Continuous chain speed control using a frequency converter