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Air scrubber system


In order to reduce the impact on the environment, intensive livestock farming is legally obliged to reduce the emission of ammonia, odor and particulate matter. After the ventilation air leaves the house, it passes through the advanced air scrubber systems.

Working of the air scrubber systems

The air scrubber systems work rather simple:

  1. The ventilation air comes in contact with water.
  2. The washing water is continuously pumped around, together with the ventilation air.
  3. This washing water absorbs dust, odor and ammonia particles.
  4. The outgoing air cleane thoroughly.

For maximum removal of dust, odor and ammonia, it is necessary to continuously control the wash water quality. The two most important parameters that are controlled and regulated are the pH and the conductivity of the wash water. A constantly regulated pH is necessary to achieve optimum removal of ammonia and odor molecules. The conductivity control is necessary to control the desired maximum nitrogen content in the drain water.

Biological systems : these use microorganisms in the wash water to reduce ammonia and odor from the stables. 

This leads to a minimum of 85% ammonia reduction, 45% odor reduction and 80 % fine dust reduction.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the best air scrubber works.

 The systems of Inno+ have several advantages that might be interesting for you

  • Our air scrubbers have a large filter surface. This means a low air resistance and the energy consumption of the fans is considerably less.
  •  A unique pump technology for the wash water guarantees continuous watering of the package in the air scrubber, so that they are continuously rinsed clean. This pump technology, combined with unique pre-filters, also guarantees lower energy costs, because the hydraulic dimensions of the pipes and nozzles mean less water resistance.
  • The advanced air scrubbers are easy to maintain and control.
  • Two sensors that measure the pH value make it is possible to control the supply of sulphuric acid and the activity of bacteria. Furthermore, a conductivity sensor measures the nitrogen concentration in the process water. Both are indicators of water quality and crucial for optimum performance.
  • For the necessary maintenance all components are easy to reach and to clean. There are also data management systems , both locally and via the Internet, with which the user can monitor the washing process . This makes it possible to intervene quickly if necessary.

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  • The scrubber significantly reduces the content of ammonia, odour, moisture and dust in the stable air
  • Air scrubbers have a large area that provides low pressure (low resistance), so the power consumption of their fans is significantly lower
  • Thanks to the unique pump equipment, we are able to work with low consumption even for pumps
  • Easy maintenance and control
  • Possibility of remote supervision