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Platform for loading turkeys

The platform, which we manufacture in České Meziříčí, provides an efficient solution for loading turkeys onto the truck after the end of the tour. This method of loading is safe, saves a lot of physically demanding work and does not stress the animals. It is a mobile device designed to load turkeys from the hall onto the truck and easily transport them from farm to farm.

Easy loading and transport of turkeys

The procedure for working with the platform is that the platform is first brought to the door of the hall. The transport vehicle drives up to the platform from the other side. The birds are herded onto the platform in numbers of 90 turkeys or 45 turkeys. The fence on the side of the hall is then closed and the platform is raised to the level of the first floor of the transporter. The workers slide the turkeys into the cages in a horizontal movement. Once the turkeys are filled, the platform moves to the next level of the transport area and continues until the entire crate is filled. It takes six workers about one and a half to two hours to load a truck with 2,000 turkeys or 1,000 turkeys

Technické parametry:

Type: AGE PNK10
Platform size: 2x4 m
Max. load: 1 300 kg
Weight of empty device: 2 350 kg

Maximum floor lift: 2,57 m
Power input: 7,5 kW
Voltage: 3/N/PE 50HZ, 400/230V, TN-S
Height after loading on the lift: 3,98 m

  • Reliable solution
  • Saving physical work and time
  • Safe and stress-free loading
  • Fast and easy transport of animals
  • A trailer for platform transport is also available
  • Czech product